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1999 Nissan Mine’s Skyline GT-R V-Spec N1 (Master)
Of Japan’s best-tuned Skylines is this Mine’s V-Spec N1. It’s been tuned, not so much for the show, as much as to lap Japan’s tracks as fast as possible. It was made famous after an appearance on Best Motoring where ‘drift king’ Keiichi Tsuchiya and Manabu Orido did some hot laps in the car and were surprised by its raw power and responsive handling.Before the test, Michizo Niikura from Mine’s compared this Skyline to the subtle tuning they’ve performed in the past and explained, unlike before, that the engine had been extensively tuned. But despite the huge increase in power – nearly double – Niikura said that the main focus of the car, like earlier ones, was on ”balance and response”. In the almost stock looking bay, the engine retains its factory pistons but uses new high-lift camshafts and two HKS GT2530 Turbos to produce over 600 bhp. Accordingly, the whole intake and exhaust systems are revamped, as is the engine electronics.To keep all this power in check a ‘Mine’s Force’ suspension is installed which includes a 3-way adjustable damping system and Mine’s anti-roll bar. Braking is enhanced with larger discs that sit behind Mine’s 18-inch magnesium wheels.Outwardy the Mine’s Skyline is different, with many pieces crafted in carbon fiber such as a rear wing, front diffuser, side skirts and radiator shroud that all make this car distinct.During their tests, Tsuchiya and Orido were taken with the performance of this Skyline, and if the rpm gauge was any indication, this is one of the fastest ever made for the road. They said, ”it’s so fast that even a dead man will scream.”

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