Ford Shelby GT500


Vehicle of the Day

2000 Lingenfelter 650 Corvette (Master+)
Yes, the heavily modified LS1 does have 650 horses (570 hp at the rear wheels; 600 lb-ft of torque), but they behaved discreetly in traffic. Apart from the subtle Lingenfelter markings, the car looked and sounded like a stock C5. Once beyond block upon block of downtown traffic lights, however, it obeyed even the most tenuous command with alarming alacrity—a real wolf in sheep’s clothing, this Corvette, apparently equally at home on the track and the street. Lingenfelter offers a wide range of modifications for Corvettes back to 1985, as well as other late-model GM V-8s. In addition to engine work, there are brake upgrades, wheel and tire packages, and lots of optional equipment and accessories to be had.

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