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2000 Mercedes-Benz S 500 Pullman (Special)
he Mercedes-Benz W220 was a series of flagship sedans which constituted the Mercedes-Benz S-Class during the early to mid-2000s. Development for the W220 S-Class started in 1992, with the final design, helmed by Steve Mattin being approved in June 1995 at 38 months ahead of production start and completed design freeze in March 1996, at 29 months before the start of production in August 1998. The completed prototypes were presented in June 1998. In many European countries, the diesel S320 CDI version became the most popular model, making it the first S-Class in which a diesel engine achieved broad appeal. Other engine options were various gas/petrol V-6 engines, V-8, and V-12 engines.
The Pullman version was a Mercedes-Benz engineered version of the S-Class of this period (circa 2001), that went beyond the after market \"stretch\" to offer a host of advanced systems and enhanced comfort. One of those systems was the AMG Advanced Mobile Media System to support the concept of a mobile office from within the vehicle. Components of this system including 10.4 inch LCD monitors displaying data from a computer with mobile web access. The system could also support video display, both from a DVD player or tuner to pick up broadcast; with two screen, it could display both at the same time. An additional re-chargeable battery allowed the system to powered independently for a half-hour with the engine off. The AMG developed media system could connect to the World Wide Web using HSCSD or GPRS at up to 43 kilobits per second.[

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