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2016 Ferrari F12 TdF (Master+)
On November 8th, on Autodromo Nazionale del Mugello, the track where the Finali Mondiali Ferrari were held in the same days, a new version of Ferrari F12 Berlinetta debuted. It was driven by an exceptional driver: four-time F1 Champion Sebastian Vettel, with Sergio Marchionne on the passenger’s seat. Just one year before on the same occasion (Finali Mondiali Ferrari, the last event of Ferrari World Championship), the Maranello-based company had unveiled the most powerful Ferrari ever built, the FXX K. In 2015 they unveiled the F12 TdF, to commemorate the 250 which, in GT and GTO configurations, dominated the Tour de France since 1956 to 1964. Ferrari had to name the F12 “TdF”, because the name “Tour de France” is under copyright by L’Equipe, the French newspaper which controls the world’s most famous cycling race. The Ferrari F12 TdF has received a small increase in power, going from 740 HP to 780 HP, making it the second most powerful street-legal Ferrari (the most powerful one is the LaFerrari); this, along with the diet which lowered the weight to 1520 Kg, allows the car to reach 100 Km/h in 2.9”, with a top speed of 340 Km/h. It will be produced in only 799 specimens, all of which had already been sold at the moment of the presentation, mostly in the US.

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