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2008 Mosler MT900S Red Devil (Legendary)
Owned by well known Corvette Guru and the only certified Mosler dealer in the United States, Mike Vietro (aka Corvette Mike), took his 7.0-liter LS7 equipped Mosler MT900S, nicknamed “Red Devil,” and its measly 550 horsepower to Nelson Racing Engines to engineer the ultimate motor. After adding two turbos and a wave of the magic wand, dynamometer testing produced a staggering 1,635 horsepower and 1,481 lb-ft of torque at a relatively low 5,600 RPM. With output still jumping an average 70 horsepower every 100 rpm while maintaining stable oil pressure and temperature, the test was shut down at the request of the vehicle’s owner. However, according to Nelson Racing the engine is fully capable of reaching as much as 1800+ hp at 6200 rpm.

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